October 19, 2012 | News | By Maria Aparecida Campos

A thousand moods – Graphitan® Vintage Black

One product with thousand moods – Graphitan® Vintage Black 

The new BASF effect pigment that frees your creative spirit!! Luxury and versatility are the best words to describe Graphitan® Vintage Black, the new BASF effect pigment for printing applications.

With one single product, it is possible to create three possibilities of matt effects: anthracite, dark colored or opaque metal-look shades. And from these three effects, thousands of new styling ideas are now possible! Matt colors have never been so in fashion as they are today. And matt brings the sense of elegance, charm and wealth. Using Graphitan® Vintage Black alone, you can obtain futuristic matt anthracite shades. Sophisticated dark matt shades can be achieved by combining Graphitan® Vintage Black with color pigments. Sustainability is the concern for today and a must for tomorrow. Graphitan® Vintage Black allows you to create metal-free metallic effects without the use of metals. As a non-metallic effect pigment, materials with Graphitan® Vintage Black are easier to recycle when compared to aluminum pigments, due to the fact that it is free of metal ions. Effects like old metals bring us memories from ancient times…

With Graphitan® Vintage Black, you can bring make a trip to the past by creating dazzling soft old metal looks when combined with pearlescent pigments, creating antique and vintage metallic effects. Graphitan® Vintage Black EH 1326 designs luxurious and modern effects adding value to a broad range of applications like wallpapers, packaging for food & beverages, cosmetics and luxury goods, labels, PVC substrates, automotive interior parts, computers and communication devices, synthetic leather finishes, gift wrapping paper, publication articles (books, magazines, catalogs) and many others that your imagination wants and which can be printed.

Graphitan Vintage Black EH 1326 is manufactured by a special and innovative BASF process, providing a product with very small particle size, therefore, very easy to formulate and apply. The new effect pigment that enables to create vintage metallic effects or very modern matt shades. Graphitan® Vintage Black opens the doors to a new world of styling possibilities!







Author: Maria Aparecida Campos
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